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    The Scatter Blaster was my weapon of choice during the Atlas Rises era, but in NEXT it feels less useful than it previously was.  I didn't do a direct comparison to see if the actual numbers were changed, but I wanted to make it a more effective weapon without being unbalanced.  This mod reduces the spread of projectiles, slightly increases the number of projectiles per shot, and increases the distance they travel.

    Thanks to modder Trevis for identifying the location of the values I changed to make this.

    This modifies the following files, and will likely conflict with other mods which also modify them.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unzip this.

    Stick it in your MODS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.4 - Compatibility with 1.75 Visions.

    1.3 - Compatibility with 1.7 The Abyss.

    1.2 - Compatibility with update 1.63.

    1.1 - Fixed some icon inconsistencies introduced with updates to NMS.

    1.0 - Release.

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