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  • descriptionDescription

    Its a simple Mod.

    I just changed some little things ingame. These Things are annoying in the Vanilla Game.



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Extract the Pak into PCBANKS Folder

  • event_noteChangelog
    1. Skip the Intro when you start a new game. The first thing you msut do when you spawn. Just go one time into your ship and then jump out.
    2. I disabled some screen Vibration. Couldn't Disable all.
    3. Disabled Screen Exxects like Fire, Ice and Toxic.
    4. I disabled Pirates. Now nobody of them will Spawn anymore

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  • UploaderAlzu
  • ModderAlzucard
  • Mod Version1.0
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  • UpdatedAug 31, 2016
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