Better Balanced Biomes

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    This mod attempts to re-balance the biomes of planets in No Man's Sky. Since I first began playing I noticed a lot of barren planets without much variety. This mod *should reduce the number of empty barren planets, and increase the number of planets with trees, mushrooms, etc. This shouldn't attempt to spawn any biomes that weren't supposed to be enabled, so the probability of this causing crashing is somewhat low.


    WARNING- You MAY find yourself under water, inside a cave, in a rock, in a tree, or even underground the first time you start your game with this mod. If you cannot get to your ship or out of whatever you are stuck in, restart the game without this mod installed, move your ship, get out to save, and then try again with the mod enabled.


    Good Luck and Enjoy!!!


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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Unzip and copy .pak file into your "GAMEDATA/PCBANKS" directory.

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 - Initial release

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