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    Base Palette Customiser is a small application that allows you to easily change the 16 palettes available for bases in No Man's Sky. It'll create a custom mod that it places in your MODS folder (or creates a MODS folder for you, if you don't have one).


    1. Unzip the archive provided anywhere on your computer, and run Base Palette Customiser.exe.
    2. Once open, click on Browse to browse to and select your No Man's Sky install directory (usually steamappscommonNo Man's Sky if using the Steam version of the game).
    3. Click on the colours in each palette to edit them to your choice.
    4. Click on Create to have the program compile, pack and install your mod!

    Future Plans

    • Ability to open/unpack an already created palette file
    • Hex colour codes

    PSARCTool by periander (
    MBINCompiler by monkeyman192


    The mod will conflict with any mods that modify the following file:

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