Atmosphere Hover – Pulse Speed Adjustments NEXT

  • description Description

    This mod allows hovering at 0u/s in the atmosphere and also brings quality-of-life adjustments to pulse engine speed.


    Updated for NMS Patch 1.75
    Fully compatible with current NMS Patch


    Welcome everybody looking for a combined mod for atmosphere hover and pulse speed adjustment.


    Options are...

    ■ AtmoHover_Only (default pulse speed)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x0.5)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x1.5)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x2.0)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x4.0)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x6.0)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x8.0)
    ■ AtmoHover-PulseSpeed(x10)
    Please remember to choose only ONE .pak file inside the downloaded .zip


    TIP: Do not continuously hold the brake/reverse key or button while in the atmosphere or your ship will eventually start moving forward slowly. Just slow down to 0u/s and then let off the brake/reverse.


    is the file used in this mod. Do not use any other mod that also uses this file as they will conflict with one another.


    Thank you monkeyman192 & others who contribute to MBINCompiler
    Thank you ClearanceClarence (Stand-alone Pulse Speed Mod)
    Thank you tamagotchii2003 (Stand-alone Hover Mod)
    Thank you to the awesome people who helped me over on the NMS Modding Discord.

    If your going to donate or endorse these mods then head on over to their respective links above and do so over there. I simply made this mod for convenience of being able to use them both at the same time.

    Happy Gaming!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To Install...

    > Choose ONE option above and put it into your MODS folder. (if this is your first mod, create the folder, if missing)
    steamapps common No Man's Sky GAMEDATA PCBANKS MODS

    >> Delete DISABLEMODS.TXT OR rename it to ENABLEMODS.TXT
    steamapps common No Man's Sky GAMEDATA PCBANKS DISABLEMODS.TXT

    Why can I not put backslashes? :[

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.75

    • Updated for NMS Patch 1.75

    Version 1.70

    • Updated for NMS Patch 1.70

    Version 1.63

    • Updated for NMS Patch 1.63
    • Added more pulse speed options
    • Fully compatible with current NMS Patch

    Version 1.58

    • Updated for NMS Patch 1.58
    • Added Hover Only option to the all-in-one package (remember...choose only ONE .pak file)
    • Fully compatible with NMS 1.59
    • Fully compatible with NMS 1.60
    • Fully compatible with NMS 1.61

    Version 1.57

    • Updated for NMS Patch 1.57
    • Launch off speed starts off at 0u/s to match the hover speed
    • Launch off height is now 80, down from 90 (default), very small adjustment

    Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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