Asteroid Debris Mod

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    Here's a video demonstrating the mod



    • -This mod simply makes the debris from the common asteriods not despawn, also slowing down how much the debris spins.
    • -This is my first mod and was kinda accidently as I've working on making all asteriods not be stactic, but this is a good start. 
    • -If you have any questions feel free to add me on discord (Hennesy #5284)
    • -Thanks for downloading


    • --KNOWNBUGS--
    • -When you destory an asteriod and leave that area and come back the explosion might replay.
    • --Working on--
    • Hope in the feature to make all asteriods have this effect, like from the old trailers, as well as make all asteriods not be static. If anyone is willing to work with me on this please let me know! Again add me on discord (Hennesy #5284)

    MAKE SURE TO DROP BOTH FILES Asteroid_Debris_1.pak, Asteroid_Debris_2.pak INTO YOUR MODS FOLDER!

    This mode effects the following files.


    Also big thanks for everyone at the NMS MODDING discord. They're a great resource for learning. :D

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