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  • descriptionDescription



    This is a custom structures mod that adds  different custom models to the game.


    This was made by using the model importer tool made by monkeyman192 and gregkwaste, without which this would not have been possible. the following people along with others in the discord modding team have also helped me in making this mod (their discord chat names) :

    1)monkeyman192 , gregkwaste and eegandj - helped with a lot of stuff

    2)nadalee - made the ufo, the large monolith ,windmill models and also helped with other stuff.

    3)Msrsgtshooterperson - helped with making models and discussed techniques.




    ---if you had landed on any of the structures of this mod,  and saved there and exited, and removed the mod, then your ship will be stuck mid air. so land on terrain or your base or space station before removing the mod


    --more variety of models - give your suggestions in the comments, will be incorporated into the mod in future updates

    --procdeural structures.

    --larger structures, structures that you can walk through ..etc..

    --adding interactions to structures.

    --more than one texture for same models...

    -- biome specific spawning of structures and more stuff...

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    just extract the zip file and drop the pak file in your mods folder.

    (delete shader cache before using)


    NOTE: this mod is available only in this website for now.this version will be later updated in the nexus website.

    use 7zip or latest version of winrar to extract the mod zip file.

  • event_noteChangelog

    alpha version 1.0.0 release

    8/1/2017- v2.0.0 release. fixed some texture issues , added more sturctures.

    12/1/2017 - v2.1.0 release. fixed the issue with textures being way too textures will appear much better. also a tool is being made and is being tested by tub0crisc0 (discord chat name) that will allow this mod to work with other mods like CONSTRUCTS , STONEHENGE etc... its still being worked on, but will be released soon by its author.

    2/3/2017 -v3.0 release


    • added new structures , with walkable interiors , including a surprise inside one of them.
    • changed spawn method. three different strucutres can spawn per planet.
    • fixed all texture clipping and collision issues. no more texture clipping and collision issues. yay.
    • its compatible with most mods out there including CONSTRUCTS mod.


    14/3/2017 V 3.0 - COMPATIBILITY UPDATE FOR 1.22



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