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      This is a legit question, I am not a troll.

      I want to understand why we are using this website instead Nexus Mods only. Because this site is extremely slow, and usability is not very good. 

      I see modders uploading the same mod in different versions, but creating new posts because this website is complicated and they don’t know how to use it. It clutters everything.

      If you want to get in touch with the author of a mod, there is no way to send him a private message. (at least I couldn’t find it anywhere)

      I am just asking this because I want to understand (and because this website is so slow), and there are mods here that are not present in Nexus Mods, and the other way around. Why not gather everything and everyone in one place only?

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      I can’t even edit my own post, have to create a reply. That is one of the things I am talking about this website.

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      for me generally nexus mods is a really slow website and a pain in the ass to update mods on.
      and here on nmsmods its alot easier to update in my opinion and i wouldnt have to mess with that slow nexus website. thats pretty much my reason not to go on there.

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      Ive never had a single instance where i clicked a link on nexus and had it 503 me… just saying

      The Terror of Death

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      After using Nexus for years… It’s a hell of a lot faster then this place. I have HIGH SPEED CABLE and this topic alone took 2 freaking minutes to load…

      I have no idea what this website is run off of, but a potato wired to a lemon would run faster.

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      Yeah, I don’t understand why this site was created, instead of using Nexus from start.

      I’ve been using Nexus since Skyrim, never ever had an issue there, the accessibility is way better than here, and the performance for me is just perfect (I live in Brazil, 50mbps internet).

      Performance here sucks, the accessibility is awful (believe me, I am a front end developer). I am still here only because there are mods here that were not released there.
      Hoping everyone move there for good.

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      Reason can be that the initial start of modding the NMS game was a discussion on fixing the game, naturally thing then was (I assume) to create a web site so the community could be reached.

      I don’t know anybody of the founders in here (Nor do I know anybody at the Nexus, but use that for different games now and then), and this is my first post, so I am just guessing.

      My point is, it can be that it has nothing about choosing a standalone mode site or using the Nexus Mod site.

      Just a different view on the hole thing, that’s all…



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      I’m late.

      Afaik, the Nexus mod page for No Man’s Sky took a while to come out; many days after this website was established.

      Since this site had a bunch of mods on it already, and it was linked to by initial articles about modding, it got a lot more attention and started to be used seriously.

      Now that the Nexus is established, it’s kind of just a duplicate of this site, though there’s some people who have no idea about this site and only use the Nexus, and vice versa.

      Kind of like the steam workshop vs nexus.. not really a good thing as it splits up the modding community and makes it a lot harder for people to find and track mods.

      I’m assuming once the NMM update comes out with NMS support the Nexus will take off and be the main source for mods, but who knows..

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      marc walkermarc walker

      the Nexus website want money from you if you download anything bigger than 2mb, this site is free.  Free free free : )

      The lake district is the best place to live : )

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        169178 wrote:

        the Nexus website want money from you

        You do not know what you’re talking about.

        Nexus is 100% free, ad supported.

        You can pay a one time fee of $2 to remove all ads from the site permanently.

        You can also optionally donate to mod authors if you want to support their work.


        That aside, now that this site has had its security breached, many mod authors have abandoned it and moved to the Nexus.  RIP

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      166438 wrote:

      I have HIGH SPEED CABLE and this topic alone took 2 freaking minutes to load… I have no idea what this website is run off of, but a potato wired to a lemon would run faster.

      1. Your internet is shit.
      2. You must not know what ping & latency is.
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        1. Bruv it’s a 3 year old post.
        2. Check dates.
        3. Be current.
        4. ????????
        5. Profit.
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      The staff on Nexus is a joke, mod removed because i alluded something in comments (i was trolling a random kid that played NexusCop crying about missing credits). No point to share stuff on nexus because of toxic community. Yes, this site is slow (i posted a new mod yesterday and its waiting of approvation since then) but we don’t have a better option at the moment.

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