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      Indeed, Google is one of the largest services providing the technical support to the users. Anyone can use this service for augmenting its online experience by using this service. Sometimes, a user faces some of the technical errors while using the service of Google. There are various reasons for this issue which are given below.

      Why is Google Not Working?

      • Google server is down in your area.
      • Your internet is not working properly.
      • Cache and cookies are accumulated in your device at a very high level.
      • Your device is under the attack of a virus.
      • The browser which you are using is not updated.
      • You are in the dire need to update your device.
      • The Google app is not updated and working on the older version.

      How to fix this issue?

      • To resolve the issue, you should first check the internet connection of the device through which you are using Google services.
      • If the above-step does not work, then you should clear the cache and cookies of the Google app and the internet browser.
      • Use a sophisticated anti-virus program to counter any ill effect on the mobile or desktop device.
      • However, you should also modify the setting of the anti-virus program which you are using.
      • Remove any junk data from your device and update the operating system of the device that you are using.
      • If you are using the Google App, then you should update the app by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store.
      • If you are still confused? Then, you should restart the device which you are using to access the services of Google.
      • Signing out and resigning in your Google account can also be used as a method by which you can resolve the Google is not working error.
      • If the Google server is not working, then you should keep patience and wait for the problem to be resolved by itself.

      If you still need the technical support for resolving the Google Not Working issue, then you are recommended to contact the Google support for additional information.


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