Why does your business need video marketing?

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      Already today, 1/3 of all online activities are spent on watching videos. Gigabytes of video are uploaded daily to the network. And you need to compete with them. How to do it? Use these trends, which are still gaining popularity.

      1.360 degree videos
      A recent study by Magnifyre showed that 360-degree video is 28.81% more popular than a regular video. This does not mean that you need to shoot everything in a new format, but think about introducing this type into video marketing.

      According to statistics, 90% of users say that these videos are useful in making purchase decisions. For example, for real estate or large equipment, the shooting of which in the future does not always give the desired effect, a 360-degree video for the client is an effective way to see the product “personally”.

      2. View on multiple devices
      A Think with Google report shows that 85% of adults 18–49 years old use multiple devices at the same time. 2/3 of users watch YouTube on the second screen while watching TV.

      Therefore, do not rely on one video platform. Distribute the video redleos.com/video-production-services/ wherever your audience can be. Sharing a YouTube video is a great way to get into the TOP-3 of search results . After all, the service takes your reposts into account as external links. Do you remember the main criterion for success in SEO?

      Also, when creating a video, be guided by the fact that more than 50% of users watch it from a mobile. Therefore, optimize the video correctly.

      If you do not know what to shoot, show one day in the life of the office. Just turn on the camera from time to time and broadcast it on social networks. So you will become closer to your audience.

      This is a great way to increase the trust of your customers . After all, you show that you have nothing to hide. Your business is at a glance.

      Are you already writing a video script and are considering where to shoot your first or next masterpiece?

      I hope that yes. After all, video is one of the main tools for online promotion today. He is actively promoted by social networks and search engines. Customers are waiting for him. And it boosts your sales.

      Video marketing has virtually no flaws. Attract specialists with expensive equipment – your investment will pay off. Or shoot on the phone and create budget viral videos. Experiment with different types of videos, promote them on social networks and analyze the results.

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      Allen Mark

      it is necessary because as the world is going is digitalize so we must also acquire the trend & we promothecode are selling dormeo mattress promo code and generate a little bit affiliate commission. We are also looking forward to move on video marketing too.

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