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      Hell-o all!

      Some of you may know me as puss2puss.. if not? Well, know me as ThinkGreen 😛

      Life is all about green..green is the solution..green makes us breath..green produces oxygen.. i wish more people would realize how the ‘green’ in life is more important then we think.. kinda..

      Anyway, i love how the modding scene of NMS is coming along nicely, some mods makes the game less buggy, some enhance the visual.. but in the end, it gives us the ability to customize what we want! And that, should be a default in every video game.

      I’m hoping to bring some mods soon, espacially textures packs, models, ans some other visual stuff 😛


      See you soon~

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      ..kinda weird that there are no edit button to edit our posts.. .. would be usefull to add one maybe?..

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