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    Hey everyone! 

    I’ve just come back to NMS and was looking at all the amazing mods, but I noticed a lot of really great mods are no longer being worked on. Particularly, this mod

    Instead of posting on the reddit which is already filled to the brim with requests, I decided I would try my hand at updating the mod. So, how could I go about this? Is there a way to update the mod itself, or would I have to start from scratch? What is currently the best method of modding the game?

    Thanks for helping a modding newbie. 

    NOTE: I am not new to mods or modding games, but I myself have never created a mod before. 

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    Get the MBINCompiler here:


    The modding station here:

    NMS Modding Station

    And an ID reference list here:


    Follow the modding station instructions and start editing the files, gl.

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    I have both of those, how do I get the modding station to load an exsisting mod, would like to see how they are coded, what values they change just to make sure they don’t conflict or just use some of them in my own mod, maybe combine the features of different mods into 1 mod

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    opps double post, didnt think it had posted, not sure how to delete a post

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