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      Making preparations beforehand is the best way to keep inconveniences at bay. And if you are a passenger who is traveling by United Airlines and have chosen this airline as your travel companion then you shall be assured. You will be getting the high-class service from the airlines and shall not be disappointed. But, if you wish to make preparations before you travel then you can start by knowing about United Airlines Cancellation policy which is stated further in this article. 


      Knowing About United Airlines Cancellation Policy! 

      1. If a flight ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking the United airlines, then the flexible booking policy allows passengers to give them a full refund. 
      2. However, if 24 hours have been passed then he can still cancel the flight but will be required to pay the cancellation fee. 
      3. At the same time if you booked a refundable ticket with United Airlines then you can cancel at any time without penalty. You will be getting a full refund anytime you choose to cancel the flight because of which these tickets are slightly costly. 
      4. The cancellation fee by United Airlines is around $200 and may fluctuate depending upon the type of travel. 
      5. To cancel the flight or to check the refund status, passengers can choose the “Manage Travel” option of the airline which is present on the official website of the airlines. 
      6. Passengers who have booked a non-refundable ticket will be only getting a refund when you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking it. 
      7. Also, if you have travel insurance then you can check the terms and conditions under it. If you are not eligible for the refund from United Airlines then you can check for the same with your travel insurance company. 


      So, with the help of the above information on United Airlines cancellation and its terms, you get to know how to handle the situation. Also, if you need any further information related to your travel or cancellation with United Airlines then you are free to contact the customer service of your travel companion.  


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