The top 6 reasons mobile apps crash: How to best avoid Murphy

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      People hate when apps crash, or even when they slow down or freeze for a few seconds. According to a survey by Dimensional Research, 61 percent of users expect mobile apps to start within four seconds, while 49 percent want responses to inputs in two seconds. If an app crashes, freezes, or has errors, 53 percent of users will uninstall it.

      Whether your target audience is consumers or the enterprise crowd, disappointing them is the quick road to being frozen out. I spoke to a number of mobile developers and asked about the most common problems they’ve come across. Here are six of the top ways your development can go astray and leave your app in danger of heading off a performance cliff. shell shockers unblocked

      1. Memory management

      2. Software lifecycle

      3. Inadequate testing

      4. Network management

      5. Error condition and exception handling

      6. Too much code

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