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      I’m using NMS Save Editor mod. It works great, but having an issue where my save files are growing legs and going from 4k or 6k to like 13k without adding much of anything. I must be doing something wrong; the other day my save files in normal mode went as high as 54k and the game would temporarily freeze when setting the next restore point (landing ship. etc).

      I’m sort of stuck. I can’t really build a base, change a “seed” or add much of anything without my files getting instantly and unusably huge. Any ideas on what I may doing wrong or what I might try to solve this? Thanks.

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      Update: I opened the game this morning and jumped in a starship, exited and checked the save file. It was 7237 KB, the same as the previous save. I closed the game, opened No Man’s Sky Save Editor and only changed one thing; I had it generate a new seed for the Armorer cause he was coyote ugly. So, that is changing a 12 alpha/numeric character only. I reopened the game, jumped into a starship and exited to create another restore point. My save file went from 7237 KB to 9473 KB. That’s a 2236 KB difference for only changing 12 characters in the save file. It seems to me something instead of being over-written, is doubling or adding to the save files. I can’t figure it out and I’m on Normal mode with a legitimately obtained 48 slot Class S Hauler, a 38 slot Class S Fighter and a 48 slot Class C Freighter so I really don’t want to start a new game. Any insight or help would be awesome. Thank you.

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      Update #2: Nevermind. I started a new game in creative mode and my save is about 600 bits. Having fun again. Thank you.

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        And how did you save this ?In which way ?

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      So what is the problem, I can’t get it)

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