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      It’s time for OSRS Christmas 2020 event in the world of Gielinor! From the Christmas event this year, you will gain goblin decorations for POH and other rewards.

      OSRS Christmas 2020 event walkthrough

      1. To start OSRS Christmas event 2020, head north of Falador and speak to Scrubfoot, the goblin by the Statue of Saradomin. Go through all chat options.
      2. Go up to the Goblin Village.
      3. Speak to the Generals and go through all dialogue options.
      4. For Decorations – Enter the cave in the northwest corner of the village. Pick up the sled, equip it, and make your way along the path. Notice that the tiles with lines make you go quicker, while the tiles with dots make you slower.
      Catch one red firefly and one green firefly when getting to the bottom. Exit the cave by using the crack in the wall by the waterfall.
      5. For Tree/Boulder – Head to the east, outside of the village. Get the stick on the ground and use it on the boulder.
      6. For Gifts – Head to the southwest building and inspect the chest. Go through the options, and get things like meat, fighting, and Big High War God. Take the bag of these presents to the generals.
      7. For Food – Head to the eastern house and speak to the chef underneath. Search the shelves (to the Northwest), cupboard (to the South), and sacks (to the East) to get the food (stale bread, sawdust and rotten meat). Inspect the cauldron and cook the food into a stew.
      8. Go back to the generals and give them the items. OSRS 2020 Christmas event complete!

      Get goblin decorations OSRS & more

      After completing the Christmas event this year, you will obtain a giant boulder and goblin decorations OSRS (for members). Goblin decorations can be used on furniture items inside your player-owned house, which can change the furniture cosmetically to look Christmas-themed. You can use it on the pool, fireplace, curtains, and spirit tree spaces.

      Note: You can also claim rewards from previous Christmas event, such as the Christmas tree costume, Christmas cracker, Santa outfit, etc.

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