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      1. At first, you need to connect the Roku device to the TV using the HDMI adapter.
      2. Next, power up the Roku device, link the power cord to it, and the power supply.
      3. Turn on the TV and opt for the HDMI input.
      4. Then, proceed to select the language, setting the theme, etc.
      5. Pair the Roku remote using the guidelines on the screen.
      6. After that, connect the Roku to the wireless network.
      7. The device scans and gives you a list.
      8. Make sure to choose the network and enter the network key.
      9. Once after the connection, the Roku device updates and shows the activation code.
      10. Further, note this code and reach using a browser.
      11. Now, key in the link code into the text box.
      12. Finally, you have to sign in with the Roku account using the account credentials.
      13. And click Activate to initiate the activation process. Call us @ +1-805-539-1200
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