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      So, for those who think of this as mainly an exploration game…

      Problem: In the game right now, all the basic resources are vastly abundant and predictable. You spend a lot of your time pointing your mining beam at things instead of searching for said things or exploring. Units are mostly gained by farming the same resources over and over.

      Solution: Make resources less abundant and more unpredictable to make the player go look for things. Reduce the cost of upgrades in amount of elements it requires, but add more variety to the kinds of resources required. Units should be gained mainly through finding rare valuables.


      Asteroids: Motivate the player to actually go hunting for these and get out of pulse every once in a while. 
      Reduce the number of Thamium9 asteroids by 20-30x. Right now it’s possible to fill up your pulse drive by just flying straight for 30 seconds – you’ll crash into enough of the things and get your fuel (and your shield won’t even be down from it). As a bonus, space will stop looking like a giant Thamium9 dump and more like, you know, outer space.
      -Reduce the number of other asteroids by 2-4x. This should be enough to still provide necessities and keep space mining interesting, but without making it too easy (which it is right now).

      Crystals: Crystals in general should be a lot more rare, but more varied – not just 90% plutonium, and rarely other things. 
      -Massively reduce the amount of Plutonium crystals: 20-30x. Keep the plutonium “red box” drops at buildings, and make the ship launch cost low (the “lower launch cost” mod already does this). This will force the player to actively look for it, and also will make other elements more useful – right now you can fuel your shields, life support, weapons etc. with other elements, but there’s little reason for you to actually carry those around because you have plutonium that’ll power almost everything (except pulse and warp), and it’s everywhere. 
      -Increase variety of other crystals. Is it possible to make more elements appear as crystals?
      -Crystals should in caves and only rarely on the surface (in fact, I’d argue that they should be removed from spawning on surface terrain at all, except maybe in toxic or radioactive worlds).

      Mining deposits: If possible, reduce both the number and size of the mining deposits on planets (by, say, 3x). I’m talking about the big shiny deposits you can destroy gradually.

      Resource drops and objects: More variety, get rid of useless items.
      -More varied valuables/resources in jettison pods/crates – who else is tired of finding a million fascination pearls, grahgrahs and gek charms? If possible, more variety to boxes. Put elements in boxes as well if possible.
      -Get rid of shield charge/health restore objects (except medkits/shield chargers) – glowy cubes, table objects in buildings, plants that only restore shields are basically useless because shields recharge on their own. Same for health. Replace their function with something more useful (e.g. make them give units, items, words, etc.)

      Valuables: Make these more valuable but tougher to obtain.
      -Massively reduce the number of “natural” valuables on planets – e.g. planets where you have things like albumen pearls or vortex cubes in the environment. Make these 20-30x more rare (there will still be enough of them around).
      -Increase average value of valuables: rather than farming the same valuables and rare resources over and over, make it so that finding and getting that one albumen pearl (or other things of the sort) is actually worth it in itself. This also gets rid of the issue with no item stacking.

      Techs and upgrades: increase rarity, increase variety of resources/items required while reducing cost.
      -Reduce the number of tech finds (crashed pods, computers in buildings). This can also be accomplished by simply reducing number of buildings (as in less buildings mod).
      -Require more variety of resources, NOT amount: right now if something requires 20 Chrysonite vs. 500 Chrysonite doesn’t really matter all that much, because once you find it, you can farm it. So, don’t make it require more of the same stuff, throw in some Aluminum or Iridium or Power Cells or whatever. The point is, make the player go around and look for different resources instead of farming the same thing over and over.

      Animals, plants, minerals: I am not sure if this is possible, but it would be great to randomize or at least vary the drops from various types of “life” on each planet. Why do yellow flowers always have to be zinc? Why can’t rocks have aluminum or copper? Why can’t animals drop heridium cause they sure as hell eat it? It would be great if those were not all just iron and carbon, and would force the player to adapt a bit differently on each planet.

      So that’s my thoughts on the matter. I think that would make the game mechanics a lot more in line with the focus on exploration. I would implement these myself but because of Real Life ™ stuff like work and moving houses, my free time is limited right now. If anyone whatsoever wants to pick these up, these suggestions are absolutely free and encouraged for anyone to use!

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      Start looking for ships, you get a lot of good stuff from them and then you sell it and go look for another ship, I never use my beam, only for plutonium and have loads of cash.

      Or find a planet with sack vennom.

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