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      Many users have reported that their Xfinity WiFi hotpots have stopped working. Besides, some of them have also complained that even though their devices are connected with the hotspot devices, still there’s no internet access, however. Now, this could happen due to various reasons and they are not exclusive to latest versions of IOS or Windows, but have also been faced on their previous versions.

      If you are also facing the same issue with your Xfinity hotspots, then read this post further and get to understand the simple fixes to get rid of it.  But first, here’s why is Xfinity WiFi hotspot not working.

      Reasons Why Your Xfinity Wifi Hotspot Is Unable To Work

      • Your Xfinity device limit is exhausted
      • The IP configuration isn’t correct
      • The wifi network of your Xfinity is hidden

      Methods To Fix Xfinity Wifi Hotspot Issues

      The following hacks will help you get rid of issues that have caused your Xfinity wifi hotspot not working.

      Clear The MAC Address From Your Account

      • Sign into your Xfinity account, then move to the section where all of your devices are listed.
      • Now, remove the device on which you are facing the connectivity issues, and find it via using the MAC address or name.
      • After finding the device, click on the Remove button next to it and then confirm it again.
      • Again try to connect your Xfinity hotspot with the device.

      Renew The IP Configuration

      • Press the Windows + R keys to launch Run dialog box, then enter “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to run the Elevated Command Prompt. 
      • Click Yes, then type “ipconfig /release” and hit enter to run the current IP configuration.
      • Now, enter ipconfig /renew in the next window and then press Enter to renew the IP configuration of your Windows device.
      • Hereafter, exit the elevated Command Prompt and see your device can connect to the Xfinity Wifi Hotspot.

      Moreover, you can also try to reboot your Xfinity hotspot & PC device to ensure that connection can establish. However, if you couldn’t resolve the Xfinity wifi hotspot not working with the help of aforementioned solutions, then contact the tech support experts at Xfinity.


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