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      I apologize is this request exists but as there doesn’t appear to be a search feature on the forum, I wasn’t able to find it.

      I thoroughly enjoy the in atmosphere flight feature of NMS especially with the low flight mod. As I was flying today I was thinking that it would be fantastic to be able to point my ship toward a distant ruin, beacon, waypoint, etc. and have the ship fly and maintain a set altitude/speed then handle collision avoidance and land in a suitable spot without intervention from me.

      Is this a pipedream?



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      3 days, only 30 views, and no one has even commented with an “interesting idea” or “sounds cool”


      Guess it really is a pipe dream.

      Either that, or I’m the only crazy person out there that enjoys flying around in-atmosphere in NMS.

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      It doesn’t really make sense to me tbh. Why not just disable low flight? The default flying basically is autopilot. 

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