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      I’m using these waypoint beacons (Z > Technology > Beacon) a lot on planets to find locations again, but I really would like to get the ressources refunded when I delete them, because Voltaic Cells are a nuisance to build because of rare Antrium.

      I could mod this myself if I find the right MBIN to decompile, I have gone through most of them (especially REALITY folder) but I didn’t find the right entry to modify.

      As an alternative, I could just mod the ressources necessary for the beacon to build, e.g replacing Voltaic Cells with Platinum, so I wouldn’t mind losing these ressources any longer.

      I’m somewhat familiar now with the procedure of decompiling, editing and re-compiling MBIN files, but still I need your help and suggestions to realize this mod !

      Thanks for any suggestions on how to start this one. If you know the precise MBIN to edit, then please share your info !!

      Thanks a lot in advance,




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      Released Easy Waypoint Beacon !



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