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      Could someone make a mod to get give’s you the planet’s like the trailer.

      : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLtmEjqzg7M

      Watch at 0:45 Something like this?

      Because right now i spend over 15 Hours on steam in No man’s sky

      and the only thing i got is ugly planets and most of the time no creature’s/animal’s

      i also have checked the mod: http://nomansskymods.com/mods/biomesloader-8-biomes-ur3-packed-mbin/
      But this isn’t what i’m looking for. I’m really searching for those beautifull planet’s with tree’s animal’s grass/orange grass or something water land

      instead of grey/red mountain’s that look’s the same on every planet so far.
      I search the planet that look’s great instead of what i have right now. Maybe someone could help me out?

      I need to say something that could be a spoiler so if you don’t mind read below.


                                      SPOILER> I started here for people who don’t want spoiler’s but maybe this help’s for mods?
                                           Continu> I even got 2 time’s to the center already to change galaxy’s but this didn’t help
                                                               So if someone could help me out to play on a nice world instead of a grey/red death empty one i will be so happy.

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