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      There isn’t supposed to be much sound in space. I was thinking that the sounds would be more muffled, kinda like the in space fight in halo where all the guns sound really muffled. I can’t remember which halo it was, and couldn’t find the scene on youtube (sorry guys) but I know that somebody else on here’s gotta know what I’m talking about. Anyways, what I was thinking was that one could change the sound of the asteroid explosion (someone already has uploaded a mod that changes the asteroid explosion sound, but it doesn’t achieve the effect I desire) and change out the sound files for the ship explosion and cargo hold explosions sounds to give a more spacey atmosphere while in space. The laser shooting sounds and the beeping sounds in such going on inside or very very close to (regarding the plasma gun and phase beam sounds) could stay the same, because those sounds travel through the metal on the ship and the air inside the cockpit. 

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