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      I Think no man’s sky need add this (or also mod need add this):

      -Galaxy Maps need show the Names of planet without need push it,if this is impossible because the game is so big i understand but just give us possibility to see the name of the 5 or 10 planet that is near to current location.
      (Right Now we need select a planet for see the name,this is frustrating)
      In elite dangerous for example is possible to see the name of the planet in the map.

      -Configurable Favorite Action\Button for EXAMPLE: Charge the Shield of the Ship with a  press of a Button when you is under attack ,also for the multitool laser extraction.
      (Right now i need push TAB,click Shield and click Resource,before i do all this i’m already died under the enemy attack…)

      -Search Box for can find Planet already Visited\Renamed by the player

      -In the Already Discovery page where we can rename the planets,animals ecc. add the possibility to Set hyperjump\Goto option to a planet that we already visited.

      p.s. sorry my bad english.

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