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       – Increase the time trader ships hang around at trading stations and space stations. 

       – Increase the amount of resources the traders and stations have.

       – Increase the amount of trader ships. (I do a lot of trading for the rare resources)

       – Ability to slow to a hover.

       – Increase the distance of detecting what fauna you’ve already scanned.

       – Have the scanned fauna stay on your screen for a bit after you come out of scanning. Like scanning for resources but maybe just for a few seconds.

       – Ability to save game at your ship without the need to climb in.

       – Pulse engines no longer disengage when too close to a planet while on autopilot.

       –  loot for destroyed pirate sips hangs around A LOT longer. 

       – Decrease the physics of dropped canisters from sentinels. I hate chasing them.

       – Increase the scan duration that resources and loot stay on your screen after scanning. 

       – Planetary scan from the surface of the planet and not just from space. Maybe even have ship scanners work like your suit scanner and detect resources, etc..

      If any of these were already suggested consider them a +1 for the request!


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