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      I would like to request a mod to raise the price of lubricant back up to 40k. For those of us who had a mordite farm in the foundation update, it feels like a knife in the back that we just got the effectiveness of our farms reduced to 33%. Remember it used to cost 40 mordite to craft lubricant, now the price is 50! So instead of reducing your farm’s productivity to 50%, it’s been knocked down to 33%. It basically means you now need to stack 2 more farms on top of your first farm to maintain the same income level.

      That made me quit playing No Man’s Sky since the Pathfinder update. With my mordite farm, I was able to purchase a better ship and finally, a freighter. I just can’t stomach this game anymore if I now have to play for weeks to buy one ship. Not when most of the ships selling for as little as 40 Million don’t even have a Theta warp reactor!

      BTW, thanks to the modders on here, you guys have done some very impressive work!




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      I would like to cancel this request. This has been done already with the Relocating Lubricant Crafting Button mod. Just found out about this amazing mod, and it made me addicted to this game again.

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      Thanks man, I’m glad HG didn’t change the mxml file for that mod in Pathfinder, otherwise that mod wouldn’t work any more.. I’m still trying to find a mbin compiler that works with Pathfinder mbins..

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