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      -no refueling for takeoff engines
      -automatic topping up of energies from reserves for your multitool
      -ground vehicle like ATV or Speeder Bike, or both because variety never hurt anyone
      -underwater verhicle/equipment like a Dive Scooter
      -3rd person mode for ships
      -upgradeable inventory for ships
      -missile weapons for ships
      -proper lock on notification during ship combat
      -star systems are laid out like star systems, not like a row of houses
      -most moons have no atmosphere
      -proper pyhsics on worlds, if you cut the bottom out from a mineral formation, it should fall instead of hanging in the air
      -gas Giants
      -get rid of asteroids being everywhere it looks ridiculous
      -have maybe one asteroid field per system
      -have ship handle different in space than in atmosphere
      -ship is summonable to location (maybe have that consume resources)
      -ships can come to a stop/hover

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      how come no one replied to this topic yet it makes perfect sense i agree with this 100% sucks i’m not able to create mods

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      Yep, thumbs up for these. Another two, remove the milestone warning (they are driving me crazy), and give full command of the ship to player (the game seems to struggle with you to take control and not let you kill yourself).


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      -3rd person camera for ships will be epic

      -Inventory icons to be more clean,and more information for some elements

      -View distance slider when on planet

      -Better control for ships!!

      that i will love to see!!! xD

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      Another couple of requests would be to either expand our existing inventory amount to say 60 for all inventories. 10X6 config if possible. I would have no problem having these be paid for options as well. Just keep going with the current pay scale. Please expand the multi-tool inventory. Conversely make the “items” stackable like the ressources. 

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      • Either be able to modify ship colors or have an all matte black or white option/mod
      • Free-Look option from within ship
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        yes me to please simple ship skin mods would be cool

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          Mod Request – Swappable ship colours / skins – even just B+W

          If someone could help with this it would great just want option to change my ship colours / colors even its just to totally black or white, is this possible? Any thoughts / efforts gratefully received, I’m even thinking of offering a reward if will get it kick-started, thanks.


           I haven’t had any responses so, Im going to offer £50, that’s Fifty GBP via pay pal (only) . That’s on completion of working stable MOD that does the above .              

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      I was reading today that ps4 allows free look whilst in ship as there is two sticks on a controller. I am supprised that for the pc they did not allow this with say pressing q would toggle between left and right stick. Sure you would not be able to steer whist doing this but it would still come in handy.

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        I use a logitech controller with two control sticks for my PC and the freelook works with that

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      • Larger stack sizes
      • Being able to move modules round in Ship/Multi-Tool
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      Everything Stackable

      Items such as Gek Charms and antimatter should be stackable. 

      Faster swimming

      Makes you swim faster in water. 

      Better Flashlight 

      Makes a cone based flashlight and more realistic.

      Terrain Destroyer.

      Mining beam can be used to destroy terrain, (instead of using the grenades)

      More Dialog, harder puzzles.

       If I see this puzzle one more time im going to lose my mind: 8901, 9018, 0189 … Add more complex puzzles and more dialog. 

      Those are just the easy ones I can think of. Once more serious mods are developed and i see what is possible might suggest a few more. 

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      Forgot one more. An ingame FPS counter. I dont want to install Fraps or RTSS, as i use Shadowplay for every other game, but since this runs on OpenGL, shadowplay FPS counter doesnt work. I noticed when i installed the BudFX mod, it came with an FPS counter, so it def can be done. I uninstalled BudFX as it was causing some weird artifacting when using the pulse engine and i had some other issues with it, pop-in being worse and such.

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      Wind Danser

      Hello everyone. (Was used Google translate)

      The next things can be useful, on my mind:

      • dynamic 3d map for star system and current planet;
      • some survival elements, like hunger and thirst (manual control);
      • the opportunity to buy (maybe find somewhere broken (destroyed)) large ship (cruiser), which will be used like a home for player and can makes a large hyper jump;
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      163224 wrote:

      Forgot one more. An ingame FPS counter. I dont want to install Fraps or RTSS, as i use Shadowplay for every other game, but since this runs on OpenGL, shadowplay FPS counter doesnt work. I noticed when i installed the BudFX mod, it came with an FPS counter, so it def can be done. I uninstalled BudFX as it was causing some weird artifacting when using the pulse engine and i had some other issues with it, pop-in being worse and such.

      Just a quick note if it helps, steam overlay has a pretty cheap fps counter.

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      dark space pls, remove all fancy colors, just black space

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      Mod to disable the “You have unredeemed items” message that pops up on screen.

      Hi. I see that you're good at Centipede.

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      While mining for materials on large rocks the whole screen basically becomes a giant strobe light. As someone with epilepsy, I’m not always comfortable looking at the screen and really just shouldn’t even play the game. This is basically the worst case scenerio.. no way to play the game without doing this. 

      For someone without epilepsy I’m sure this is annoying as well. 

      There should not be a game where you basically look at a strobe light for hours.

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      I have a few requests, some of these have been requested or released in an unpacked version, which a lot of people can’t use. Or some even may be worked on by the official dev team.

      • More extreme terrain. I want huge mountains, cliffs, canyons and craters etc
      • More extreme wildlife. Both in size and also more often agressive.
      • More extreme hazards. Make hazards like 50% stronger, so walking on a hazardous planet doesn’t feel like a nice walk in spring. Also make some liquids far more dangerous. I mean.. could u jump in an acid bath even with good equipment..? And last i want more dangerous planets. Most of the planets should be very hostile for us humans.
      • Storm effects, maybe some wind physics that push u around when its windy.
      • Planets with low and high gravity. high gravity -> faster falling and more falling damage, jetpack and is less effective. Low gravity -> slow falling with very little to no falling damage, more effective jetpack.

      If any of these could be made then it would be super awesome! Cheers 

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      Can someone make a new Cursor please?  Why has this not happened yet?!

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      how about some kind of filter to only show particularly populated stars on the star chart

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      Here is an easy one but extremely useful in my opinion….WAYPOINTS please!

      Similar to the death icon you get when you die.

      I’m sure this is doable… anyone else agree?

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      Can anyone make a mod to simply re-name the ship?

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      • My pet pev is that it keeps kicking us out of our ship every time we land, come on what ship does that, no matter what the enviroment it kicks you out of your ship?
      • Milestone messages have to go, they are the worst, keep the milestones, just let us skip the messages, instead of letting the game take control from us, 

      GAME,” Congratulations! MILESTONE you’ve DESTROYED 5 ships!”

      • Being able to land under water, would be a good one, there never seams to enough air to swim out and then down to POI
      • 3rd person view of our ship would be excellent
      • upgradeable ship inventory slots and multi-tool slots from drop pods would be great as well


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      -no refueling for takeoff engines

      Actually, I think the cost should be increased (because that’s a vital mechanic for making you explore *on foot*… And you know, actually suffering with the planet conditions. Even more if they add a hover or such.

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      All ships have 48 slots. Been trying to find one with the look I like and it’s taking a loooong time!

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       mod that keeps mining beam always on, no over heating, 1 hit destruction, and extreme large inventory.. just to balance the insanity 🙂 you could call it Cyclops, like that guy from marvel comics..

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      Good list. I’ll add a couple I’ve been thinking of.

      – multiple biomes on planets, encouraging one to explore an entire planet without it feeling like a copy and pasted version of where you landed. 

      – rivers & waterfalls

      – gas giants

      -totally barren planets (no buildings), I’m talking like Mars or the moon barren. 

      -more variance in asteroids, they all look the same currently.

      – voxel building system, 7 days to die style.

      – making the sun an object you can actually travel to, no more light box b.s.

      – ship classes

      – sand planets

      – camping system

      – mounts – tame animals and ride them, and mechanical craftable rovers, hovercraft etc..

      – ambient sentinels

      – NPCs that actually walk around

      – no more random chunks of resources in awkward monolith looking structures, make the resources in veins in the ground like Minecraft. 

      – ground mine able with mining Lazer, and rare resources in ground as you mine deeper.

      –  cave animals

      – reasons to explore caves 

      – zombies or other dangerous humanoid aliens, think the flood in halo, or the aliens in Alien. 

      – better guns and improved combat

      – planets with no sentinels -this was promised by Sean Murphy. 

      – crafting system that’s not just equipment upgrades, electricity, switches, lights, mining carts, storage boxes, beds

      -armor and equipment slots, w/ 3rd person. Would make so much more incentive to gather resources and money if I could spend it on a sick new helmet or something. 


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      • New Animals (New birds, new antelopes, new cows, new fishs, new butterflys, new rodents, new triceratops etc.
      • Tool for Geometry.MBIN.PC or scene Files, to make new animals.
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      Pleace make a mod that reemoves builing % limitations… i wanna build as mutch as i can farm parts to…

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