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      I’ve been watching NMS develop since it’s initial release but never played it because I knew the game would awfully lack good features. After the recent update (2.0 or Beyond), I got it and really enjoyed playing it except the fact that I’m given an utterly useless jetpack that only travels upwards (it’s not like I’ll use it to go to space, I have a ship for that). I managed to get the Rocket Boots upgrade, but still slow as shit when scouring an infinite number of planets for resourses. I often resort to using my ship, even to cover small distances, which is a big hassle to frequently get in and out of as well as take off and land. Yes, there are Exocrafts, except they move at the speed of snails.

      I’ve seen a lot of Jetpack mods on the web, but almost all of them are outdated and crushed by the Beyond update. I’m hoping someone could put together a Jetpack mod that fixes the mediocre controls and actually allows the player to move forward really fast.


      Thank you!

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