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      The most frustrating part of this game is the inventory system. It moves unhelpfully around with your mouse, there are 3 tabs when 1 would suffice, and in case you forgot, it fills up if you even glance at the junk items lying around planets. I bought this game to explore a universe, not to try to decide if I should transfer 87 emeril out of my ship’s inventory or just delete 233 aluminum.


      Either remove the cap entirely or make it some large number, like 10,000.


      This seems like a simple enough mod (because I don’t know how the magic of mods happen) which would dramatically improve the gameplay.


      Just to save on thread number, I would also like to see auto-refill of life support systems. But priorities. 🙂

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      I’ve never had an issue with the inventories… Once you learn what you need and what you don’t… “Inventory Management” becomes easy.

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