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      I feel that this request is important, because of the Pathfinder update. One of the things that irritates me endlessly since the update is the hazard protection charge time. It seems to take 4 times as long to charge the hazard protection in the exosuit. This is time wasted. You could be out exploring planets, but instead have to sit and rot inside the ship, waiting for the stupid hazard meter to reset. I am just requesting a mod to reset the charge time back to what it was before.

      Thanks to the modders here and the website owners. I am very impressed with what you guys have done!



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      I think this might be what you’re looking for

      Faster Environmental Recharge

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      Thank you! That is my fault for not seeing that mod already existed. I would like to withdraw my request completely. Thanks for pointing that out to me. It is an amazing difference in environmental recharge time.

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