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      So, as everyone knows, NMS doesn’t have any resemblance of difficulty.

      This needs to be changed (if possible).

      I’ve made a list of ideas I got for a survival mode (I know there are some of those being done… But suggestions are always good, right?):


      • Exosuit’s Water Supply: It needs to be recharged from time to time… Whenever you enter a river or an ocean, it would be easily recharged. You can supply it while standing in rainy planets as well (air condensation). Alien outposts should recharge your water as well (instead of your health/shield). Whenever your water supply hits the 0 mark, your max. HP should be decreased, until you die… Needless to say, the water supply should last a quite long time. Warm planets should make your water supply be decreased faster, while Cold planets should make it last longer. Space stations could sell water bottles (instantly consumed when bought).
      • Auto-Recharge: It should be possible to assign specific components to get recharged whenever they run low on supplies (eg.: Life Support, Ship’s Shield, etc). Their priority should be classified according to the importance of each component (Life Support should be top priority on land, while Ship’s Shield should be top priority at combat, so should be the cannons/laser. Pulse engine should be recharged whenever it’s empty).
      • Ship’s Termal Protection: Similar to the Exosuit’s termal protection, your ship’s would last a certain amount of time on extremely warm/cold/toxic planets. It could vary depending on your ship’s price, HP and size. Needless to say, they should be a lot stronger than the exosuit’s, and could be recharged by going to space, entering a normal temperature area (cave, water, etc). Whenever the protection gets depleted, your ship’s component should start getting damaged (first the non-vital ones – Guns, Hyperdrive, Upgrades – and then the pulse engine and launcher). THIS COMPONENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE RECHARGED WITH EXOTIC RESOURCES.
      • Ship’s Termal Isolation: Right now, in the current state of NMS, you’re basically invencible on any planet, you just need to get inside your ship and everything’s alright…. That should be changed. Depending on your ship’s size/price/hp, the difference between its outside and inside temperature should vary. The better ship you have, the less you’ll have to worry about this. Whenever the Ship’s Termal Protection get’s depleted, however, its Termal Isolation should be desactivated as well.


      • Storms: Storms should be actually dangerous. Whenever your termal protection (which should be decreased faster) hits 0, you should start taking constant damaged. 
      • Sentinels: It should be easier to trigger walkers… Sentinel detection should be harsher, so should be their damage and HP.
      • Predators: Those should have more HP and damage depending on their size.
      • Space Combat: Pirates should be spawned with more frequency, and their ships should be tougher to kill.

      If anyone else got anymore suggestion, leave a comment:

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