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      Based on what I already know about how the discovery data is stored, I suspect what I want is not possible, because it would require accessing the global discovery data on the NMS server.  Still . . . .

      I would love to have the stars on the Galactic Map marked with different symbols showing the discovery status:

      1. Undiscovered systems
      2. Discovered by me
      3. Discovered by another player

      I would certainly settle for just discovered vs. undiscovered if that were possible.

      I’m trying to systematically discover a swath of stars in my current galaxy.  Sure, I can click on a star and see the info, but the Galactic Map interface is a bit of a wild ride, and it would speed things up tremendously if I could just visually see the undiscovered stars.

      The reason I’m doubtful is that there appears to be a limit (a few hundred) to the number of system & planet discoveries that are cached in your local save file.  Many of my earlier discoveries, even many since Foundation, have scrolled off of my list.  I assume the record of my discoveries is still out there on the server, and if I could find my way back to those systems they might reappear on my list, but for now they are gone.  It’s also possible that only those discoveries in the prior galaxy are gone (I’m in Hilbert now) — it isn’t clear from the data.

      Even if the mod could only mark those systems that were in my local cache, that would be of significant value.  I’m pretty good with data, but I lack the programming skills to figure this one out myself.  I can tell you some things about how the local cache of discoveries is stored, if that would help.

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