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      If it is possible, could someone please make a mod that “fixes” dead / barren worlds that still actually have flora on them? Maybe I’m crazy or OCD, but this urks me really bad and I would absolutely love to see it fixed. Like some of you have probably noticed, the game generates these planets with “devoid”, “undetected”, and “non existent” listed under flora yet I  land and still see mushrooms, flowers and even little plants every now and again…especially near caves. Caves on these worlds are full of plants, I even see those big green and blue seashell looking plant / fungus type deals everywhere. Please help make dead worlds truly dead…you know, just rocks and sand? I’d really appreciate it. Fixing the “creature sounds” I hear on these worlds would be great too.

      I would do this myself but I have no time to learn how to mod the game right now.

      Anyway, thanks in advance for doing this, or at least for looking at my thread.



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