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      The new low altitude flight mod has vastly improved my flight experience, but it would be nice to be able to control the sensitivity of the vehicle or make turns more controlled, where as now it is a little squirrely at high speeds.  Here are some suggestions to improve flight.

      • Create separate sensitivity controls for player movement, planetary flight, and space flight.
      • Allow the user to remove the momentum that the ship seems to have when the control stick is released.  For instance when you pull up and release, the ship continues to aim up for a bit.  This makes it difficult to pinpoint a specific trajectory.
      • Create separate bindings for the various actions that use X/E.  For instance, there are use cases for a ‘exit vehicle’,’land/exit’,’enter vehicle’,’general interaction’ – a major one being steam action sets which allow the user to swap between controller mappings.  Being able to add the action set swapping to these bindings would be good.
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