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      Sean D’anna

      I’d like it if items went into Cargo rather than the regular inventory in the exosuit when the normal inventory is full.

      I’d also be fine with just having it so that items just always go to the cargo inventory instead and have to be manually moved over to the regular inventory.

      This will allow for ultimate min-maxing and still having decent storage capacity without having to constantly move stuff around in your inventory all the time, as having every upgrade possible even with the biggest inventory the game allows for currently leaves you with four slots open in your regular inventory.

      Even if not for this, I’d still prefer stuff to go in my larger storage capacity area rather than my regular inventory first. I am aware they drastically increased storage, but the cargo inventory is still bigger and I’d prefer to fill it up first without having to move stuff over manually.

      I’d like to play with minimal mods, but this is one I’d always use if it was available.

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      I’d love to see someone try and cram as many bases onto a planet as possible, up to and including turning it into a Coruscant.

      I’ve seen XML tutorials to remove item/room count from bases, but it still doesn’t remove the base building radius. Could someone make a mod that allows making bases arbitrarily big and/or placed anywhere?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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