[REQUEST] A world map for each planet you visit, and some sort of compass?

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      **If there is already a forum or mod like this please let me know!**


      Hey guys, so being a total newcomer to the game, the only thing i’ve really felt an actual need for is a map. Just something like the one on minecraft or whatever. I love exploring every inch of the planets but it’s tricky being as there’s no map. I know Sean Murray said this is a purposefully left out feature so players will have to use basic orienteering or whatever but, no. i’d like a map please.  And if i could Mod i’d totally be all up on that. But i can’t (yet) so i implore you, modders of the NMS community. Hear my words, i mean, can it even be done?

      So like the simplicity of the maps in minecraft (imagine a low res pixelated version of birds eye view screen shots stuck together would be better than nothing)  A map that uncovers itself as you explore, so when you land on a planet it’d be a blank page as you haven’t explored yet (think the maps in Command and conquer) then i guess for underground exploration the map would stick a place holder on the upper ground map to signify a cave, and that level of the map would go transparent to show the underground you’re exploring (Think World of warcraft dungeon maps when you go further down) then presumably have icons on the map, so places discovered, landmarks, beacons etc. (Think skyrim) and lastly of course, a compass. Just something so you know if you’re going North or South on a planet or something. 


      Then if the above is all possible, you could possibly add your own custom points of interest to maps as to where stuff is that you may need later or whatever. But i’m getting ahead of myself. 


      Again, if this is already a forum or there’s something already in the works, i’ll happily take this down. I just think it’d be an epic feature and done the right way, a solid tool in the planetary exploration of NMS for all players. 


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