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      Because of the last moment pop-ins, I have literally landed

      • on top of a rock spire
      • on top of a tree
      • on top of one off those pillars sticking up from those bases, and
      • once on top of one of the save pylons

      And every time the ship chucks me out the door without warning me of that first step! AARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!

      So please, I have yet to find a mod that will stop the autoexit, please make one. Thank you!

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      I’ve also landed on trees, ancient ruins, pillars, and high hills and then suffered that jarring red screen and loss of health when my player-character hit the ground. Although I’ve learned to use the jetpack to land softly (or to move backwards and simply stay on top of the ship) I would love to have a mod that allows me to exit the ship manually. I hate being spit out like a brussels sprout at Christmas dinner.

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