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      all my browsers are saying this site is full of attack pages. 🙁

      whats going on?

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      Pages 1 -3 of the mods have no problem but 4 thru last page all come up with Google’s big red “attacks have been reported in connection with this website” page. To tell the truth tho, I think it’s more we are modding without HG’s permission and they told Google to red flag the site. I’ve seen it happen to other websites often enough.

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      Theleb KaarnaTheleb Kaarna

      Can anyone confirm this warning is bogus? Example, has anyone navigated through the website, downloaded mod(s), then run their Security Software (Norton, Defender, etc) to verify they’re clean?

      Up until this moment I’ve been installing and enjoying mods from this site with zero issue.

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      I saw this the first time last night right before I uploaded my first mod.  Kinda pissed me off.  I uploaded anyway.  I hope this is resolved soon, as this has quickly become one of my favorite sites.

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      According to a mod on the subreddit the site was hacked.

      Hi guys, we were hacked! and malware was placed on all sites, i have cleaned the site now (just waiting for google to pickup on this) i have added security and added https connection.

      The site is safe to use and the notice will be lifted soon

      fucking script kiddies

      Main site being flagged for malware. False-positive or did something happen? from NoMansSkyMods

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      I’m still getting the error on a couple of mod pages. Improved engine exaust, and Spaceflight. I haven’t checked any others yet. 


      I figured it was from ads (which I can’t see because of adblock software. –Sorry, but this is exactly why I have it), And I see this thread.

      Glad to know it’s being taken care of.

      -??????? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ??????-

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