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      Have you lost access to your Gmail Account from iPhone? Then it can be because you have forgotten your Gmail password or also someone has intruded into the account and changed the password. But, you do not have to panic as Gmail officials have introduced various ways to help users get back the access to their account when they get stuck in situations like these. So, to know how to recover Gmail account from iPhone you can follow the steps discussed further in this article. 


      Knowing How to Get Back the Access to Gmail Account from iPhone in Simple Steps! 


      1. First, unlock your iPhone by entering the passcode and then head over to the Gmail application from the application store. 
      2. When the new screen of the application gets displayed, enter the username that you want to get back and tap “Next”. 
      3. Choose the “Forgot Password” option from the bottom of the password field and you will be taken to the Gmail recovery page. 
      4. Here you will be asked to select any one option from the three. If you choose recovery using text then you get a verification code to the phone number as SMS which is linked with the account. 
      5. Check the SMS and enter the same on the recovery page and tap “Next”. 
      6. Gmail will be checking the code and then allow you to create a new password. Make sure that you create a password that is easy for you to remember. 
      7. To confirm the same, enter it once again in the second box and tap “OK”. 


      After following the aforementioned Gmail account recovery steps, you get back your Gmail account access. In case, users do not have a Gmail application downloaded on his iPhone then he can open a web browser and go to Gmail just like any other website. 

      Also, if he does not have the access to the phone number linked to the account then he can choose any other recovery method like answering security questions, recovery using alternate email, etc. 

      However, if he has some other concerns or query then he can choose to contact Gmail customer service


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