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      I have not been able to find answers to a few questions i have about ship seeds, i have searched this forum and the sub-reddit.

      I wanted to change the seed of my ship so i have the NMS beta save editor but wanted to check a few things first.


      When you change the seed of your ship it’s my understanding that only the ships appearance changes, example keep a fighter ship i have but change the seed for a new appearance. But does the layout of the ship change in anyway? Currently the layout of my ship is terrible but it’s a 48 slot ship thanks to the save editor.


      If i change the seed will it remove any items from my ships inventory?

      If i were to change the seed of my ship will the layout change?

      Sub question to this, will it re-arrange the current layout to another layout?

      Will it re-arrange the items in the ships inventory if it does change and or re-arrange the layout?



      I can confirm that after some testing the following is true. I changed my ship seed from a Shuttle to a Fighter with a new seed – 48 slot

      If you change your ship seed your inventory stays intact.

      The ship layout also remains the same.

      There is no re-arranging of the inventory or the installed technology.

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