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      Hello guys. I have plroblem with rewards.

      In REWARDTABLE we have only rewards, for example:

      <Property value=”GcGenericRewardTableEntry.xml”>
      <Property name=”Id” value=”PLANT_POOP” />
      <Property name=”Common” value=”GcRewardTableItemList.xml”>
      <Property name=”EntitlementLinked” value=”False” />
      <Property name=”EntitlementId” value=”” />
      <Property name=”RewardChoice” value=”GiveAll” />
      <Property name=”List”>
      <Property value=”GcRewardTableItem.xml”>
      <Property name=”PercentageChance” value=”100″ />
      <Property name=”Reward” value=”GcRewardSpecificSubstance.xml”>
      <Property name=”Id” value=”SUBPOOP” />
      <Property name=”AmountMin” value=”20″ />
      <Property name=”AmountMax” value=”30″ />
      <Property name=”HardModeMultiplier” value=”1″ />
      <Property name=”LabelID” value=”” />

      Which has id – PLANT_POOP, but I can’t find where I can get this reward. No more lines which contains “PLANT_POOP” in “reality/tables” files. May be somowhere else? Help me pls. 

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      nvm. i found.

      models/entities contains which reward u will get.

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