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      So I’m looking for a MBINcompiler.exe that can decompile the mbin files from Pathfinder. The current one I have works for the files from Foundation, but crashes when trying to decompile the mbin’s updated in Pathfinder.. I know there’s gotta be one because I see modders updating their mods to be compatible with Pathfinder, some using the mbin file(s) that I cannot decompile..

      The closest I’ve gotten so far in my quest to find this mystery executable appears to be the raw code files to compile the .exe?

      Was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a .exe that might work for my needs..

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      if anyone’s looking for the most recent version, this is it: (just in time for next update, which will break it all over again)

      Edit: (Sorry it’s .7z, I tried .rar, but got denied)

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