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      . . . we are facing the ultimate crisis. Of the 600 billion stars in our Euclid Galaxy. Less than 10 million have planets that could support life as we know it. And Hadron, our mother star has grown old. Now we learned that it will go nova, far sooner than expected. As it runs out of hydrogen, Hadron will briefly become the brightest object in the Euclid Galaxy. We must find a new home. Fortunately, homestead broadcasts have been detected on other planets across our Galaxy. You mission, is to establish bases on those worlds to open the teleporters on the other side, so that we can evacuate safely, before our world is destroyed. The future of Terran-kind, depends on you, brave Astronauts! NOW GO OUT THERE, AND BUILD US OUR NEW FUTURE!!!

      This little speech was adapted from the Intro to Tetris Worlds. And if NMS had an intro it would sound a lot like that. Now, further into the intro, your character, whose face is hidden inside the helmet, probably yours when you think about it, is inside a primitive scout fighter. You were en route to a Terran space station at a neighboring star, via Hyperspace. Suddenly, an unknown force hacks into your navigation computer and changes the coordinates. Your course diverts to another star, and you can’t control the ship, as it heads for a planet orbiting said star. The ship hurdles into the planet, you muster the strength to regain control, but alas, altitude control is lost, surface impact is inevitable. Attempting to preserve your life, you try for a belly-landing, and survive. . . in a sense. You white out for a brief moment, and begin rebooting your vital exosuit systems. Your multi-tool, despite its scanning sensors damaged, continues to function with an half-drained mining laser. Your ship, barely in one piece is in need of field repairs. There is not a moment to lose, as you may be facing the harsh elements of the planet, you soon realize, this is. . .


      No Man’s Sky.

      My name is Nicholas Clark Manuel, Mod user, and Save Tinkerer. Anything else you want to know, ask me in a response.

      When the way comes to an end, then change. Having changed, you pass through.


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