Mods to increase view distance/remove fog/increase grass & flora range

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      Hi guys, I’m very happy to see that there’s already a modding site for NMS. Since I don’t know how to mod at all I was wondering if such mods are possible at all.
      My only concern about the game right now is that the view distance is terribly low, and that the grass generation distance is really low too, making lush planets not look as good as they could.

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      For the moment we do have only that :

      <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
      <Data template=”TkGraphicsSettings”>
      <Property name=”FullScreen” value=”false” />
      <Property name=”Borderless” value=”true” />
      <Property name=”Monitor” value=”0″ />
      <Property name=”UseScreenResolution” value=”true” />
      <Property name=”ResolutionWidth” value=”3840″ />
      <Property name=”ResolutionHeight” value=”2160″ />
      <Property name=”VSync” value=”true” />
      <Property name=”GSync” value=”true” />
      <Property name=”ShadowDetail” value=”High” />
      <Property name=”TextureDetail” value=”High” />
      <Property name=”GenerationDetail” value=”High” />
      <Property name=”ReflectionsQuality” value=”High” />
      <Property name=”AntiAliasing” value=”None” />
      <Property name=”AnisotropyLevel” value=”1″ />
      <Property name=”FoVOnFoot” value=”75.000000″ />
      <Property name=”FoVInShip” value=”75.000000″ />
      <Property name=”Brightness” value=”128″ />
      <Property name=”MaxframeRate” value=”30″ />
      <Property name=”NoHudMode” value=”false” />

      Maybe there’s some hidden properties somewhere that we can add to this list. Is anyone good with searching those strings in the code ? 



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      I’m looking into stuff like this, i don’t know how feasible it is yet.

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      Really needs this, along with LoD range.

      The view distance for objects and foliage is pathetically low, but the game’s optimization is also pathetically bad (the whole upscaling thing), so this would probably cripple performance a bit.

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