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      TLDR: Can someone PLEASE make a mod that fixes the temperatures on planets? Tropical, Lush, and Humid planets at -30C is goofy. Thanks.

      Anyway. Long version incoming.

      Love the game now with 1.3, and am very grateful to you modders for the hard work you’ve done so far, but one thing that urks me more than anything else about this game is the wacky temperatures on certain types of planets. Now I don’t expect them to be perfectly in alignment with are KNOWN reality (like Earth) but it really bothers me when I find tropical, lush, and humid planets teeming with life and covered with oceans of liquid water that are 0 to -30C. That’s just silly. Would love to adjust this to where planets that would otherwise seem habitable are within the ranges of what most of us would consider habitable I guess? For sample, I would expect for a tropical planet to be somewhere between 25 to 45C maybe? Same for humid and lush planets, all the way up to 60C perhaps? And of course whatever other environments that fit the description.

      Not even sure what all the possible types of planets are really, I just think that what I’ve seen so far is a bit goofy. I know the state of water can change according to atmospheric pressure but (and correct me if I’m wrong) water cannot exist as a liquid below 0C unless the pressure is like gas giant and that’s only down to around -15C? I dunno. I do know water can boil and exist as a vapor at temps like +10C on planets like mars with 1% of Earth’s atmospheric pressure. I guess I could accept a planet with an atmospheric composition of Earth to have a low pressure like Mars. I mean, I’m no expert or anything I just saw a chart somewhere on the net and interpreted the best I could. Also, I can’t pretend it’s a different substance like methane or whatever because the game says it’s water….and well…”humid” planets.

      I just don’t have the time to learn how to mod the game or I would, so I would really appreciate it if someone could slap this together, I will be your BFF!!! If….that means anything, lol.

      Or at least if someone at least knows how to do this, maybe point me in the right direction. Tell me which files to edit and which pak file they are contained in?

      Thanks in advance…at least for reading my post. Either way have a good day / night.

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