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      With the current mod search options you’re able to tick the specific field UI, Gameplay… etc.

      But perhaps adding an “exception option” would help for better access,

      rather having to click every single one of the options other than the one you don’t want. 

      Because currently whenever you click on one of the option listed, the site refreshes to match the option selected.

      But when you want to search for multiple results, it causes slow user experience. =/

      Possible solutions:

      • Dynamic Search – The search results refreshes but does not refresh the entire page.
      • The Old Fashioned Way – Wait until the user made all the decisions and keyword typing then let them press the search button.
      • Exception Button – Add a function that selects everything other than the one that user selected.


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      I don’t know the flexibility of the site that VGMODS had given to the site owner… If this is impossible then NVM. =/

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      hey this is a user preference type of thing, there might be other people who only want to search one or two categories. you are right it could be done either way. And your way would certainly make more sense if we had 15 or more categories.

      I may add a ‘all’ option that will check all boxes then allow each to be unselected if needed.

      Thanks for the suggestion, ill aim to get this done in the next major update.

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