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      Hello, as with new patch i noticed that blueprints and items that are very needed are gone from inventories and there is no way to get them back, only with reset of the game and loss of your save game. I have notcied that someone could mod so sentinels loot give blueprint for something. I am not sure how difficult is to mod sentinels to loot all new foundation blueprints but someone who can do it for me and for some people more, who need help, it would be cool. I think it would be useful mod for those who use mods. It can happen with anyone and i tell you, it will ruin no man sky for sure because u can not progress if u loose those blueprints. Peace.

      PS: Missing blueprints are Hazmat Gauntlet and Advanced minign lazer.

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      I had your problem before. It was “dismantle core tech” ‘s fault(outdated mod). I used it to rearrange my inventory and Hazmat Gauntlet, Advanced Mining Laser dissapeared, the blueprints also.

      Solution: No Man’s Sky save editor:

      Install it, load your save game and add the missing blueprints.


      PS: Don’t try  “DismantleCoreTech” mod, it’s not updated and it will break your game.

      PS2: It’s still functional for those who want to risk xD

Viewing 1 reply thread
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