Mod Request: Retrieve & input search info through the galactic map for sharing.

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      I would love to see a way for players to be able to share locations through the galactic map, whether it’s just an interest in inviting others to come see a particularly cool planet or creature, friends attempting to reach the same star system, sharing information on particularly resource rich worlds, etc.

      I’m not sure how this can be done – if there’s a hidden coordinate system in use then perhaps the mod could provide those coordinates to a player upon request, who could then (outside of the game) share those coordinates with other players, who could then input those coordinates into the galactic map interface and then their map’s crosshair would zip across the galaxy and tag that specific point, allowing players to bookmark said point as a semi-permanent waypoint and plot a path to that destination.

      Failing that, I’ve noticed that the various regions of space (of which there seems to be thousands, if not millions or more) in the galaxy have names.  For example, as seen in the image below the Grafningard star-system is located in the “Ryfordias Terminus”, and the Ryfordias Terminus is a collection of several star-systems. 

      If a list of these regions exists somewhere in the game’s data, then even just being able to input the name of a region into a search bar and have the galactic map zoom to that region’s location would help immensely (since then the “scan for discoveries” function could be used to narrow down star systems within the region that have player discoveries).  Thus I could tell people that I found a gigantic Panda wandering on Planet-X in the Grafningard star-system, in the Ryfordias Terminus, and after doing a search for the Ryfordias Terminus interested players could use the discovery scanner to narrow down the correct star-system to plot a course for.

      Is any of this possible, or am I dreaming the dreamy-dream here? 🙂

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      Update:  Looking at this recently released mod:

      NMS Location Manager (Waypoints/Teleport) [ALPHA]

      ..particularly this screenshot: looks like there is an accessible coordinate system in the game (Galaxy, GalacticAddress, Solar System above)?  Or am I misinterpreting that image?

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        Yes there is! The issue is places that you discovered are saved in the save files as a single number, say 347236482364 which is currently not possible to convert to the cord system. However, you can capture the fully exposed solar system cords and player location in the solar system cords (there are two different sets of cords) on save. This is where my idea for NMS Location Manager was born.

        The whole purpose for the NMS Location Manager is so that you capture and share your saved locations so that you and other people can load them in and be teleported to them (or set them as waypoints on the star map)! The sharing bit is the next phase I have planned for the application.

        The application will (later/soon) interact with a dedicated server ( to store information that can later be pulled by other people via an API.

        I just wrote the NMS Location Manager yesterday and the current release does not have this yet since it’s a test release to ensure the system is working for people instead of just myself.

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          That’s really exciting!

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