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      I know for some this one might sound very silly, but for those of us whom like to enter the space stations the correct way (Not upside down) for example, the way the lighting is just simply does not work.

      In the real world, such as marine (boat) traffic, there is a system used. “Red on right return, Green on left return”. This signifies that when returning into a harbor, that the red lights must be on the right while the green lights must be on the left. Why can’t we use this on the space station entrances too? There are six lights marking the entrance, only three of them need to be changes as the other three are already red. 

      (Okay so the space station in the picture had a full circle of lights, but you get the point i hope?)


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      Please continue reading this blog post for an easy way to install the app even if the official version of the laptop is not yet available.

      V380 Pro

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