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      Hello all, I suck at space combat.. I do ok if its only me and enemies, but once the system police show up.. to get in the damn way.. err I meant.. to help 🙂 I always hit them unintentionally. I’d like to request a mod that disables wanted level, or somehow ignores hitting the wrong ship.

      I would just like to fight enemy ships the game throws at  me without having to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong damn ship. I don’t care about moral or ethical or actual realistic explanations.. I just wanna fight enemies the computer says are enemies (ie pirates as I have great relation with all 3 races) without worrying about one misplaced shot that screws everything up. Sure the mod could be use /called cheat.. but I don’t care.. I am requesting it for the sole purpose that I always seem to hit a damn cop when I don’t mean too. Or better yet a mod that removes system police all together, or causes them to ignore pirate attacks so I can deal with them without worrying if I will hit them bastards lol.. Any help would be really appreciated!!!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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